Wichita Fall Roundup

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Volunteer Opportunities

Presenting an event the size of the Fall Roundup is no small job. Months and months of planning go into it before the date even arrives!Wichita Fall Roundup

We encourage AA groups and/or individuals to get involved in order to make it a great Roundup.

Please consider offering your time in these areas:

Hospitality Room (closed during all speaker meetings)

  • bring home-baked finger food such as cookies, veggie plates, fruit, etc.
  • volunteer an hour to help in the Hospitality Room keeping the snacks refilled, etc.


  • Friendly folks to welcome attendees. (Remember your first conference?)


  • Drop off flyers to groups around town.

Speaker Hosting

  • Assist one out-of-town speaker during their stay by answering questions, helping to resolve any problems that may arise and just being a friendly face. This will require 5-6 people.

Meeting Readers

  • Read the opening or Steps at the podium tables before each speaker.

The 12-Steps/Tradition Banners

  • Someone with a pickup truck is needed to bring the banners on long poles from Central Office to the Roundup and then delivering them back after the event
  • Someone to put up and take down the banners at the event

If you feel you would like to participate, please contact us by email at wichitafallroundup@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to get those your sponsor involved in the recovery community outside of the meeting rooms, too!