Comedian / Hypnotist Show

We can’t wait for Terry S to be here!

Real Life. Real Funny. Real Inspiration.

DARE TO BE SOBER is a comedy hypnosis show with a message and a solution for those struggling with addictions. By engaging the audience with hysterical hypnotic antics, a seed of hope is planted. Fans leave the show having had not only an incredible entertainment experience, but a renewed outlook on life,  a vision for a better future, and an awareness of the power that lies within us all.

Terry is a comedian/speaker/hypnotist who is actually in recovery. A talented, funny individual who has been through the pain of addiction and the freedom of recovery that so many are going through. DARE TO BE SOBER contains funny material about what it was like and how he found a way out. Terry not only loves to perform, but he wants to connect with the audience after the show. A hilarious, compassionate show offering hope and a solution.